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Your partition /dev/sda2 shows up as "full" because it is entirely allocated to LVM, which is managing your / and /home partitions. We don't need to look directly at /dev/sda2 as a result, but rather your LVM configuration. We can see from your lsblk output: └─sda2 8:2 0 595.9G 0 part ├─ManjaroVG-ManjaroRoot 254:0 0 29.3G ...


Your / is full. Probably a out of control /var/log, either ssh probes in messages/syslog, or mysql errors, and huge logs in /var/log/mysql. The best course is to locate the offending files, understand what caused the errors, and delete them. Then if the errors were understood, try to fix what caused them in the first place.


I understand that you want to do is specify the size of physical extent on the physical volume of a volume group. This is defined in the volume group creation (with vgcreate as you indicate), not makes sense to do previously with pvcreate as this will only initialize a disk or partition for use with volumes of group and nothing more, the options offered by ...


You can't really compare LVM with btrfs, since btrfs is a filesystem and operates on files, while LVM operates at the block layer and operates on disk blocks. An LVM volume typically contains a filesystem, but LVM itself doesn't know anything about files. LVM does copy-on-write at the block level: after a snapshot is created, the first time a particular ...


A snapshot will require as much storage space as changes are made to the contents in the logical volume. So, let's say that you have a 30GB volume and you take a snapshot. Initially, no space is required. But after a week you see that the snapshot is using 4GB of storage. That means that a subset of the contents in that volume has changed enough to generate ...


Just extend the size of your logical volume. lvextend -r -L +1G /dev/mapper/rhel-root


Mount the extra hard drive and prevent that something is changed on the 1TB HDD. Now copy over all files in /media. Unmount the 1TB HDD from /media and mount the exta hard drive on it. Now the /media can be used again if you need. Then you make your 1TB HDD an LVM managed disk. When finished you copy back the data from the extra hard disk to the LVM 1TB HDD ...

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