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With the help above from Alexander Batischev, and some very useful information from Reddit user cookie_enthusiast on the /r/linuxquestions page on Reddit, I managed to get this working. It turns out that GRUB2 works well with UUIDs, and not so well with device names. With this knowledge in mind, we need the following 4 UUIDs at hand, before we can ...


In my case after I added a new file with some settings inside usr directory and I got this error during log back in. Then I boot with a live CD and deleted the exact file. worked for me.


Not a direct answer to your question, but you could cryptsetup open, resize2fs to shrink your encrypted filesystem, cryptsetup close, parted resizepart to shrink the partition and mkpart a new one in the freed space, mkfs to create an unencrypted filesystem suitable for hassle-free data exchange. If you decide on that route you have to keep in mind that the ...

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