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With the Linux kernel NFS server, if you export a directory tree, this does not include any filesystems mounted on that tree. See the description of the nohide option in the exports(5) man page. You need to export the mounted filesystem explicitly, i.e. you need a separate line in exports for /exports/user1/data1. Furthermore you'll need to (re)start the ...


After searching and trying for a long, long time, I finally found a solution which is acceptable for me. The situation is rather complex, so I try to describe it as structured as possible. Configuration Hardware configuration: DH87RL board i7-4771 CPU GeForce GTX 970 Software configuration: Ubuntu 15.10 Driver selection You can either go with the open ...


/boot should not be part of a LUKS setup. If it was encrypted you wouldn't be able to boot a kernel located in /boot. Please clarify what you are trying to do.


A volume is called a "LUKS volume" because it has a LUKS header. Thus if you convert a non-LUKS volume into a LUKS volume then you do get an additional header and do lose data space. The LUKS header can be on a differenct device (--header) but I do not know whether cryptsetup-reencrypt supports that. But most probably you want to have the LUKS header within ...

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