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I have no clue to determine the exact location of /dev/loop1 device. What do you mean by the exact location of /dev/loop1 device? /dev/loop* where * is a number are loopback (virtual) devices, which are used to mount filesystems that are not located on other block devices, such as hard disks. You can enumerate them and see where they are mounted, using ...


Use losetup's --list option: $ losetup --list /dev/loop0 NAME SIZELIMIT OFFSET AUTOCLEAR RO BACK-FILE /dev/loop0 0 0 0 0 /tmp/backing-file If you only want the file, use the -O option to pick the column: losetup --list -O BACK-FILE /dev/loop0 | tail -n 1 /tmp/backing-file This option is part of recent versions of util-linux. ...

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