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Look in /var/log/messages and /var/log/audit/audit.log (if you have auditd running). You can also use audit2allow to view SELinux error messages and possible solutions.


Sometimes even if you run logrotate manually, this won't work if you do it the same day and have dateext where default value doesn't include senconds (e.g. -%Y%m%d). Not even if you modify logrotate's status file or when using size directive (e.g. size 200M). At least on CentOS 6, logrotate will fail to rotate your log file because it already exists. To ...


Why compressed log file was not transferred to the REMOTE-HOST? Compression is pretty much the last thing to happen so postrotate is still happening before logrotate has gotten that far. You can check the man page for their example of postrotate: After the log file has been rotated (but before the old version of the log has been compressed), the ...

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