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Check if there are any files here: /etc/logrotate.d If so, remove whichever relate to what you don't want to rotate. But be careful on what you are removing, make sure that you have a file-cleanup method for all files that are rotated with logrotate otherwise you run the risk of waking up one day and not understanding how your filesystem ran out of ...


You just combine discrete zcat/cat commands enclosed in parenthesis. ( zcat /var/log/lol.log.3.gz; zcat /var/log/lol.log.2.gz; cat /var/log/lol.log.1; cat /var/log/lol.log ) | grep "lolololol" Make sure you sequence your logfiles from the highest number going down in order to make sure the dates are in order. The lowest archive number going up will just ...

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