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X's logging behavior is: If there is a /var/log/Xorg.DISPLAY.log, rename it to /var/log/Xorg.DISPLAY.log.old, overwriting any file that might be there. Open /var/log/Xorg.DISPLAY.log, and begin logging to it. Unfortunately, this isn't configurable, except in the sense all open-source software is: you could change the source code and recompile. It's in ...


Your original error messages make no sense with what you're showing for your cron that runs your logrotate. rotating pattern: /home/mail3/log/popMailProcessing.log forced from command line (60 rotations) empty log files are rotated, old logs are removed considering log /home//log/popMailProcessing.log error: stat of /home/mail3/log/popMailProcessing.log ...

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