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tails linux 1.2 is the only bootable usb on UEFI system Medion computor. Disable secure boot. Press F2 on startup to get into boot menu. Move usb boot above Windows 8. Continue with boot.


You can reboot the computer with a terminal command, but you can't give it a terminal command that tells it what device to reboot into. Once the machine reboots control is passed to the BIOS, which then decides what device to boot from. Some BIOSes will automatically offer to boot from a bootable CD/DVD if it detects one, but not all. So when the machine ...


I figured it out. It's definitely due to the encryption. GParted sees such as un-partitioned - so can't do much to it. Unfortunately it's going to be a command-line fix only. Here's a writeup on how to do it under Ubuntu: ResizeEncryptedPartitions - Community Help Wiki

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