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Could be done with a small python script: #!/usr/bin/env python3 import sys for l in open(sys.argv[1]).readlines(): l = l.strip() print(l) if len([s for s in l.split("<s>")[-1].split() if not all([s.startswith("<"), s.endswith(">")])]) <= 4 else ("") Assuming you have python3 installed: Copy it into an empty file, ...


You are only able to mount partitions with known filesystems on it (Yes that information is on the disk). For getting info about supported filesystem-types, try man mount If you want to give the automation a try, use (as root) : mkdir /mnt mount /dev/<your-partition> /mnt and observe the output. Probably you just forgot to specify the ...


You can detach from the session, e.g., controlAd, and kill it. The feature only is useful if it is properly configured to begin with (usually that is not the case). Further reading: Disabling GNU Screen lock screen Can a locked gnu screen session terminal be accessed?


I understand you're using Hyper-V, but the concepts are similar. Maybe this will set you on the right track. Your issue is likely due to virtual memory ballooning, a technique the hypervisor uses to optimize memory. See this link for a description I observed your exact same symptoms with my VMs in vSphere. A 4G machine with nothing running on it would ...

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