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virt-clone worked for me: virt-clone --original vm-name --name vm-name-clone --file /path/to/new/pool/name.img


I don't believe there is a simple command to do that (but it would be great!). I do this fairly often and it is usually just a quick script / one line command using a for loop and some awk. Keep in mind that if your hypervisor is connected to other hypervisors, you might want to sever that link temporarily so you don't inadvertently interfere with other ...


#! /bin/bash xmlfiles=( $(find /etc/libvirt/qemu/autostart/ -name '*.xml') ) for f in "${xmlfiles[@]}" ; do domain=$(xml2 < $f | awk -F= '$1 == "/domain/name" {print $2}') # only start domain if it's not already running if ! virsh list | grep -q " ${domain} .*running" ; then virsh start "$domain" #else # optionally reboot domain ...


You can look in the source code. The libvirt version 1.3.5 doesn't support VirtualBox 5. In src/vbox/vbox_storage.c virStorageDriverPtr vboxGetStorageDriver(uint32_t uVersion) { /* Install gVBoxAPI according to the vbox API version. * Return -1 for unsupported version. */ if (uVersion >= 2001052 && uVersion < 2002051) { ...

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