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Here is how I repaired the inadvertent mistake of deleting Reboot the good Ubuntu Linux 14.06 instance, /dev/sdb6 Go to GRUB2 read-write recovery or rescue mode followed by selecting root shell prompt. sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt cd /mnt/lib/x86_64-linux/gnu sudo ln -s exit Reboot the formerly corrupted Ubuntu Linux 14.06 ...


Given that the program remembers whether to use the library between runs, it must store this information in a configuration file somewhere. As suggested by Faheem Mitha your best bet is to find that configuration file and create it before running the program. Running the program with strace should tell you what files it loads: strace -o myprogram.strace -e ...


You can run the program in a chroot, which will force the loader to use only the libraries which you have copied into the restricted environment. Further reading: Change root (Arch) Best Practices for UNIX chroot() Operations chroot (Debian) Basic Chroot (Ubuntu) 3.13 Configuring and Using Chroot Jails (Oracle Linux)

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