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Try this yum -y groups install "KDE Plasma Workspaces" and echo "exec startkde" 'insert two brackets here' ~/.xinitrc finally startx


gcc -o exectable_namme pthread_sample.c -lpthread


fn(){ printf %s\\n "${v-not set}"; } v=value; fn; unset v; fn value not set A shell function is a literal string stored in the shell's memory. At define time it is parsed, but is not evaluated for expansions (other than shell aliases) or redirections. These are only evaluated at call time. In fact, and somewhat related, in this way it is possible to ...


I wanted to downgrade from Firefox 42 to 41 because I am reliant on an unsigned Firefox add-on. I am on Arch Linux. I got the similar error after downgrading the package. I got the same error loading libxul/so due to a missing libvpx.so.2 library file. I did, however, have libvpx.so.3. My quick fix was to do this # cd /usr/lib # sudo ln -s libvpx.so ...


It depends on why you want that particular version. CentOS 6 has /usr/lib64/libjpeg.so.62 Some applications may require a specific old version. A forum comment pdf2swf and libjpeg.so.8 problem stated that a solution was found by adding the rpmforge repository and getting the library from that location (using this page).


Next try is to use two separated chroot file trees with identical Xorg file trees inside, just enough for two different Xorg servers to run, and keep using LD_LIBRARY_PATH in userspace. For Xorg to run, you need to put all Xorg related libraries and programs inside chroot. This can be done with automatic tools like debian chroot, or manually. Below is a ...

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