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Not a task for less No, I do not think you can do that directly, because less does not have a cursor to begin with. It would need one to navigate to start and end of the text to select. less is just not the right tool for character-level navigation. Tabs already expanded You can use the key shift and the mouse to make a selection; This is handled by the ...


Short answer: just use less and forget about more Longer version: more is old utility you can't browse step wise with more, you can use space to browse page wise, or enter line by line, that is about it. less, is more + more additional feature you can browse page wise, line wise both up and down, search


Use the -j option. For instance, if you use less -j3, the match will be displayed on the 3rd line. To do what you want, i.e. display the match at the center of the terminal: less -j$((LINES/2)) or since less 397, one can specify a percentage within the screen: less -j.5 Note: To do that permanently, i.e. for all invocations, you can put this -jn option ...

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