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So first do find . -name "*.tex" -exec grep -il "agent" {} + | vim - In .vimrc, one macro from vi.stackexchange where gff opens many windows of the visual selection % if has("win32") || has("win64") :vnoremap gff :<C-U>'<,'>g/^/silent! exec "!START /B gnvim " . shellescape('<cfile>') <bar> ...


Just too brief. tee can be used for this purpose ps | tee ps-info.txt


tee writes both to file and stdout , use that: ps -ef | tee psoutput.txt | less Or just use && to open file with less upon successful completion of ps ps -ef > psoutput.txt && less psoutput.txt


Use -R flag: -r or --raw-control-chars Causes "raw" control characters to be displayed. The default is to display control characters using the caret notation; for example, a control-A (octal 001) is displayed as "^A". Warning: when the -r option is used, less cannot keep track of the actual appearance of the screen (since this depends on ...

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