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I’ve got a solution that’s written for POSIX shell compliance, but I’ve tested it only in bash, so I don’t know for sure whether it’s portable.  And I don’t know zsh, so I have made no attempt to make it zsh-friendly.  You pipe your command into it; passing a command as argument(s) to another command is a bad design. Of course any solution to this problem ...


This is as far as I got with tmux: #!/bin/bash tmux new-session -s main -n 'w1' -d tmux send-keys -t main:w1.0 "tail -f <(head -n1 $1)" C-j tmux split-window -v tmux resize-pane -t 0 -y 2 tmux send-keys -t 1 "tail -n+2 $1|less -S" C-j tmux attach -t main It's an extension of user80519's answer for tmux window splitting. Save as hless.sh, make it ...


The "first form" is a... feature of groff. If your "nroff" is not a wrapper for groff, you will see only the second form. The feature is referred to in the manual page for grotty (groff driver for typewriter-like devices): By default, grotty emits SGR escape sequences (from ISO 6429, also called ANSI color escapes) to change text attributes ...


Try installing GNU less on your Windows box. That should fix it.

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