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less normally refuses to open non regular files like pipes or also binaries. You can use the -f operator to force less to open non regular files: less -f <(command) Another approach is to use process substitution: less < <(command) This causes the pipe that was created with <() to act as standard input (STDIN) for less.


less tends to complain /dev/fd/63 is not a regular file The solution to that, under GNU less at least, is the use of the -f option: less -f <(command) Under normal circumstances, less will not open non-regular files (stdin excepted, obviously). This is for your protection. -f forces non-regular files to be opened.


Syntax highlighting of less, works just fine on most *nix systems. Even on Cygwin you can do it with the minor adjustment of the shell script path and installing with apt-cyg. apt-cyg install source-highlight export LESSOPEN="| /usr/bin/src-hilite-lesspipe.sh %s" export LESS=' -R ' However, using this drastically slows down browsing of large files. I ...


Pressing F or G makes less try to reach input EOF. If the input is a pipe, less hangs until the pipe is closed on the other side (and not "does nothing"). This can be worked around by saving the command output to a temporary file in the background, and then by using it as input for less: command > /tmp/x & less +F /tmp/x; kill %; rm /tmp/x There ...

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