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From less, type s then type the file name you want to save to, then Enter. From the man page, under COMMANDS: s filename Save the input to a file. This only works if the input is a pipe, not an ordinary file. man page also states that, depending on your particular installation, the s command might not be available so, alternatively, you ...


One way to do it without tee is as follows. less /path/to/input > /path/to/output The above will overwrite /path/to/output if it already exists. To do the same, but append to /path/to/output is as follows. less /path/to/input >> /path/to/output To save the text in less after you have opened it, you can use the Save File feature. When in less, ...


You don't use less, you use tee and then pipe tee to less. ./program | tee program.out | less


If you don't to modify files, just print differences, then one option is to simple ignore all white spaces with -w option, so that you can use your braces normally diff -wy file-{a,b} | less Of course this method only works if there are no other important changes in whitespace. If your intention is to repair the files then I would recommend to use ...

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