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Solved : Open the file /etc/systemd/logind.conf as root. Find this: HandleLidSwitch If it's commented, uncomment and change the value to ignore. The line after editing should be: HandleLidSwitch=ignore Restart and your problem Should be gone . Found the solution here : http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/52645/112900


You can try installing laptop-mode-tools if you haven't done so before. I had the similar issues with my MBR.


Read this Suspend and hibernate configuration in Debian Jessie You may get hibernation working out of the box (even without uswsusp), provided that you have a swap partition big enough to hold an image of the system. It can sometimes be convenient to have a laptop first "Suspend" to RAM, for quick wake-up -- but then automatically save RAM to disk, and ...


it is relevant as unix question , you cannot maximise battery life ; but you can avoid spoil it e.g using xbacklight , not playing on line, charge it from 0 to 100% etc. Closing service on the kernel is not relevant at the battery life but at the security : it is for super-user trick/geek.

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