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It will not matter much on your modern laptop, but like me if you are working on a device which is extremely resource constrained then you might consider disabling any unnecessary service/executable. I am working on an ARM development board right now, and to save system resources I have even disabled sshd, and cron services. To disable syslog you may use ...


I had the exactly same problem, but found a different solution that does not have the drawbacks of your proposed solution. It turned out that there was a 2 pixel wide unused column on the left side of my arrangement, so instead of shifting the right display to the right, I shifted the left display (internal) to the left, covering that unused column. ...


Ubuntu Linux 12.04 is the version I learned on which was super easy to understand and use. It offers all of the basic programs like a simple firefox web browser, Settings Panel, Terminal (of course), File Browser, Desktop Environment, and basic Office style applications.

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