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Your first audio sound card is HDMI audio : you must set your 2nd sound card as default . Use sound system setting , "output" tab, select this "Generic" sound card. If not working, you can install and run pavucontrol (Pulseaudio volume control), scroll down to access the 2nd sound card in the "output device" tab and click green button near it to make it ...


Since you have two cards, you are almost certainly outputting to the wrong one. Exporting ALSA_CARD=Generic may help; if you're using pulse there's probably a better way but just restarting the daemon will probably work. I have never found KDE's configuration dialog at all useful.


I found that after upgrading my kernel to 3.16.2 the soundinterface worked in linux mint 17. Details here: http://www.digitalstroopwafel.com/?p=141

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