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I have worked out this problem by the following steps. I am on Ubuntu 14.04. Download your specific Nviadia drivers from here. The driver name looks like NVIDIA-LINUX-X86_64-340.58.run. # service lightdm stop, Ctrl+Alt+F1 switch to tty1, excute the command to stop X server with root priviledge. # bash NVIDIA-LINUX-X86_64-340.58.run ...


Kubuntu work fine alongside Windows 8. You can follow this tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot. Even if it's mean for Ubuntu vanilla, the Kubuntu use the same installer (Ubiquity).


It is possible to run the "standard" Ubuntu packages on Kubuntu (and the other way around). The underlying X server handles either KDE or Gnome based graphical applications. The only thing you have to reckon with, is that on the first install of such a package a bunch of gnome related packages will be installed. But once they are there, other packages will ...

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