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If you use Urxvt, you can extend the keyboard functionality of the terminal using urxvt-perls, a collection of scripts that enables: selecting text passing URLs to your $browser searching your scrollback and yanking and pasting to and from your clipboard Essentially, with urxvt-perls installed, you can dispense with your mouse entirely.


It depends on your terminal. If this is something important to you, you could consider Emacs term-mode which gives you the full text-manipulation capability of the editing environment. It's possible that you consider that to be overkill, of course!


This sounds like a hardware issue, since it is happening in both operating systems and you say that your numlock light is acting up as well. Are you sure you don't have volume keys on your laptop? All pictures of your laptop that I've found would suggest that there are three in the top left where you say the media board is. If this is the case that ...


Not sure if this is some bug related to wine in combination with some or all window managers... But I finally found one working solution for my needs: startx <(echo ssh -X myRemoteLinuxIP wine notepad) which runs wine application as single-app without window manager. And keyboard is finally routed inside the program.

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