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Short answer: Yes. In the "olden days", it was possible to effectively prevent any other X application from reading a specific input by grabbing it. While this can still be done to this day, the XI2 protocol specification seems to suggest that this can't be done any more (see the description of Raw Events around line 2220). Thus under X alone you are not ...


#!/usr/bin/expect -f spawn passwd username expect "New password:" send -- "user-password\r" expect "Retype new password:" send -- "user-password\r" expect eof Testing I saved it as script.exp and when I run the script, this is the output I get in my machine. expect script.exp spawn passwd ramesh Changing password for user ramesh. New password: Retype ...


You have to download in other machine a live distro (if you have 64bit , download 64 and if you have 32bit download 32 bit), Then step by step do the following steps: Boot with your live cd create a dir mount your old linux on your dir chroot dir Now , you have old linux and you can change password, and manipulate grub and run grub-install


Use http://sourceforge.net/projects/perwindowlayout/. I tried and it works well for me on fluxbox. It makes advantage of grp option: grp Key(s) to change layout In example http://sourceforge.net/projects/perwindowlayout/files setxkbmap is used like this: setxkbmap -layout 'us,ru(winkeys)' -model pc105 -option ...


Not sure if it helps (as not purely in setxkbmap), but: setxkbmap -option caps:none xmodmap -e "keycode 66 = Linefeed" Change back: setxkbmap -option xmodmap -e "keycode 66 = Caps_Lock" You can check with something like: xev | sed -ne '/^KeyPress/,/^$/p' to get keycodes.


I face-off a similar problem, I am using CENTOS 7, with US Keyboard Layout, but any dead key (a.k.a. tildes, ñ, etc) didn't work, because there was no way to install or setup a US International Keyboard layout. At google, I found this suggestion: yum install system-config-keyboard after that, I had available the system-config-keyboard and let me ...

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