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Yes, libinput is something new that started as a part of the wayland project to be used instead of the x11 input drivers (like xorg-evdev and xorg-synaptics and xorg-wacom and so on and so forth). In answer to your a/b scenario, it would be b, that is that libinput is not dependent on wayland and thus can run on other display servers (like X or Mir) as ...


Try Synergy, it allows to use one mouse on many computers so maybe it will do what you want http://synergy-project.org/


Using the .Xmodmap didn't work for me. However, a quick man xmodmap says that this works and did: .xmodmaprc which can be executed: xmodmap .xmodmaprc EDIT: ack...I'm wrong...the default did change a few years ago to .Xmodmap from .xmodmaprc. Creating the .Xmodmap file caused my xfce to load "funny". In .bash_profile, I put: xmodmap .xmodmaprc Then ...

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