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Upgrade to tmux 1.9a which contains the following change making C-j the same as C-m: https://secure.freshbsd.org/commit/openbsd/8b7f9bdcbac2b1eb7c3a918af2cb7cd7c7b315e4


This works for me: bind pager gg top bind index gg first-entry See the manual on keybindings: key is the key (or key sequence) you wish to bind.


Well, I had to ditch xfce4-terminal, because keybindings were a nightmare, and go back to xterm. I actually prefer having several windows to tabs anyway, it turns out. Here is what I did for keybindings for xterm<-->bash # ctrl-backspace "\C-h":shell-backward-kill-word # meta-backspace "ΓΏ":shell-backward-kill-word # ctrl-delete ...


First find the scancode of the key that needs to be remapped, e.g. with the evtest utility. A line like the following one (with MSC_SCAN in it) should be output: Event: time 1417131619.686259, type 4 (EV_MSC), code 4 (MSC_SCAN), value 70068 followed by a second one giving the current key code. If no MSC_SCAN line is output, this is due to a kernel driver ...

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