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If you only have your private key id_rsa under ~/.ssh and your public key is lost then you can retrieve the public key id_rsa.pub via ssh-keygen -y -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa > ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub on your local machine. This public key should be pasted to authorized_keys in ~/.ssh on the server you want to login. This can be done with: ssh-copy-id ...


First, find the public key you want to export: gpg --list-public-keys Look at the line marked 'pub'; it displays your public key type and number. For instance: pub 1024D/5000280F 2009-07-10 Use the number to do your export: gpg --armor --export 5000280F > klaatu_pubkey.asc Check to make sure it worked: cat klaatu_pubkey.asc As long as it's ...

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