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In the end what I had to do was to use PuTTY as the server seems to be configured in such a way as to only allow access through PuTTY. At least, this is my current workaround, though I would rather have access from my openSUSE partition command-line.


This exact string of error messages in the question can also occur in the case of a miss-matched private/public key pair on the local side. No that doesn't make any sense but I just tore my hair out for a long time trying to figure out what was going on. Remote system A has .ssh/ copied into .ssh/authorized_keys. Local system B has .ssh/mykey that ...


In my case I have solved it by doing: chmod 700 myuserdir/.ssh chmod 600 myuserdir/.ssh/authorized_keys On the windows box, instead of using puttygen to generate the rsa private key, I downloaded cygwin from It offers a few packages by default. I modified the Net package to install OpenSSH. This has installed, among other things, the ...


HOST=[hostname or IP] # Remove the old key(s) from known_hosts ssh-keygen -R $HOST # Add the new key(s) to known_hosts ssh-keyscan $HOST >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts The next time you connect, you'll connect without being asked Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? since the keys will already be in the known_hosts file.


After some digging, it appears that Google Cloud Platform is buggy when it comes to applying SSH keys to our Debian boxes. Adding the keys globally at a project level, or adding users manually to the Debian box, adding keys manually to authorized_keys for each user, it works. Adding them at an instance level does not work. I will be reporting the bug to ...


Yes, that's what the ssh -A flags does. This only works with keys already added to a running ssh-agent on your local machine. If you have to enter your passphrase when you connect to serverA (or just use a passphrase-free key) then this isn't going to work From the man page: -A Enables forwarding of the authentication agent connection. This can also ...

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