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The problem is with kactivities4. Downgrade it by cding into /var/cache/pacman/pkg cd /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ and installing the previously removed one pacman -U kactivities-4.13.0-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz I don't know why, but it works :p


Files under /usr are meant to be under the control of the package manager (except for files under /usr/local). Configuration files that the system administrator may modify live in /etc. This is part of the traditional unix directory structure and codified for Linux in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. The recommendation in the Arch Wiki to edit files under ...


I can't test this, because I don't have a right Win, but you can check out System Settings > Hardware > Input Devices > Keyboard > Layouts > Shortcuts for Switching Layout > 3rd level shortcuts. This will open up Advanced > Key to choose 3rd level. Select Right Win.


Caffeine is a great tool that you can control from the KDE system tray. You can manually use it to turn power-saving on or off. An even better function is to list processes that will trigger suspension of power-saving. However, I think that it can only suppress screensavers and suspending together. Caveat: I haven't used caffeine recently, since it doesn't ...


The issue may be resolved by deactivating Num- or Caps-Lock, as is stated in the XKeyCaps manual: "If you can't select anything from the right-button popup menu, it might be because you have NumLock or CapsLock down. I'm not sure how to fix this, it seems to be some dumb Xt thing." Alternatively: "If the popup menu is always greyed out, or ...

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