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KDE is a desktop environment (DE), not a window manager. The built-in window manager KDE uses is called Kwin. I think you want to set up KDE as your DE however, which gets started either by the "startx" command out of a tty session, where you have to edit your ~.xinitrc or the gui way with a display manager like lightdm or KDM which can be used to ...


If you're using Xorg.conf to set up your X Server, you can use that in order to set acceleration or deceleration. Just add something to the effect of: Section "InputDevice" Identifier "name" Driver "evdev" Option "ConstantDeceleration" "multiplier" EndSection where multiplier is how many times slower you want the mouse to go. 0.5 would double ...


You're probably missing kde-gtk-config (or as it is called in SUSE).

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