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First off make sure that you do have libeToken.so (should be in libtoken package). If you don't have this then install it; otherwise, run sudo ldconfig to update your library locations.


Mister, first find the library $ sudo find / -name libeToken.so.8 Then make a symbolic link $ sudo ln -s /serch/result/libeToken.so.8 /usr/lib/libeToken.so.8 "/serch/result/" directory result of find command


Since you already do mention PuTTY, you already have all you need to find out how to solve the problem. You have several options. One is using an SSH client (e.g. PuTTY) to connect to the server, running: $ cat > path/to/resulting/file <<EOD ... your pasted text goes here ... EOD or just using a SCP client to just copy the file there. With pscp ...


Sounds like you've got access to the server using putty (going over ssh). That gets you logged in. After that just start vim, paste in the content as you would have done in noMachine (paste in putty is just right-click - at least for me). Then save the file from within vim. I'm not sure if I'm missing a complication of your setup since this sounds very ...


I had the same problem (on Ubuntu 14.04). Turned out to be a permissions problem. It was resolved by starting spoon.sh with a user that has permissions to access the graphical environment. On Ubuntu Desktop, the user you use to login is a safe bet. Alternatively, give your Pentaho user the right permissions.


It's a confusing question with the paths and su'ing. When you run this command: $java -cp ./classes:./lib com.mystuff.bar.foo.myclass And get 'class not found', that means java is not able to find that class in ./classes or ./lib. If you either a) use absolute paths, or b) cd to the right place before running the command (su scriptuser -c "cd $home ; ...


I had the same problem. The problem was that appletviewer was expecting a URL of an HTML file referencing the applet, passing the .jar file of the applet directly didn't work. Try this applet.html file: <applet archive="applet.jar" code="Your.applet.class.name.here.class" width="400" height="300" > </applet> Note: The ...

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