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Are you sure that this is the very same ISO you've used in the past? As far as I'm aware, Windows 7 ISOs are usually not hybrid images that can be dd'd to a USB stick like those available for many Linux distros, though Microsoft does provide a tool for downloading an image that can be burned to USB, which is probably the easiest method (if you have a Windows ...


I'd consider trying it one more time, possibly with a fresh memory stick, including a "sync" prior to yanking it out (and are we sure that dd is case insensitive for the megabyte suffix? i use 'M' not 'm') dd bs=4M if=windows7.iso of=/dev/sdb && sync Plus the usual tedious suggestion about trying a different iso file (perhaps a linux one? ;) to ...


In fact mkisofs 2.01 points to genisoimage: $ mkisofs --version mkisofs 2.01 is not what you see here. This line is only a fake for too clever GUIs and other frontend applications. In fact, this program is: genisoimage 1.1.11 (Linux) From man genisoimage you can try the -m option: -m glob Exclude files matching glob, a shell wildcard pattern, ...


For this kind of image in particular, AcetoneISO did the job, managing to mount the file and allowing me to read it. It also allowed me to quickly convert the raw disk image to the ISO format (by installing the free, but non-open-source, PowerISO for Linux). This Wikipedia page provides suggestions of other tools which might be useful in such cases.

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