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If I understand your problem correctly, you want to ping your computer from another computer. The ping works but the ping hostname doesn't. What I suspect the situation being is that your computer doesn't have a its hostname registered in DNS that is discoverable by the other machine. If the hostname is not known to the other machine it does not ...


I am guessing you don't have your own DNS server. Computers understand IP addresses but not the name of your computer. To make it so, you need to either add a record in your hosts file, which can be found in /etc/hosts, or have a DNS entry on your DNS server. Then it will know what you mean by the hostname of your machine.


Whatever's talking directly (at layer three) to the provider gets the address the provider assigns, which is usually global. Though, if you connect a Linux box directly to a modem, then that's it.


The current version of IP has "zeroconf" addresses built in. If IPv6 is enabled, in general there should be a link-local address. You can't scan for it as IPv6 addresses are too large. You should be able to watch for automatic addresses when you turn the device on, as its kernel will probe to make sure no other device has the same address. You can use ...


It sounds like you want to use the bonding driver. This will use one of your interfaces and, if it goes down, it will jump to the other one. I would try changing the /etc/network/interfaces to something like this: auto bond0 iface bond0 inet dhcp bond-slaves none bond-mode active-backup bond-miimon 100 auto eth0 iface eth0 inet manual ...


The entry for ip addr show demonstrates that your server has only a local address: inet brd scope global eth0 You need to review your external NAT device that maps your 55.27.XX.XX address to and provide port forwarding for port tcp/85.


Quoting Comcast Business Internet: Static IP is not supported on retail devices due to technical limitations. Static IP is only supported via Comcast Business CCR & BWG leased devices: CCR (Comcast Commercial Routers: SMC D3G-CCR or Netgear CG3000DCR) / BWG (Business Wireless Gateways: Cisco DPC3939B or Cisco DPC3941B). For more information ...


Have a look at the routing table of the 'Physical' PC and see how traffic to these networks are routed. If that host is only 'equipped' with a default route you need to use that address to add your static routes on the guest. For example, the 'physical' host has only a static route of route add -net gw route add -net ...

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