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how about running a file system check on the SD card? insert the card and under linux run fsck /dev/mmcblk01p1 for example. If you're note sure what's the name of the device name given, just see dmesg upon inserting the card. Aaand do not forget to umount it prior fsck


I had a similar issue with my SD card recently. I was not able to fix it under Linux. However, as soon as I plugged the card into a Windows machine, the system came up with a message asking whether I want to repair the card as apparently it was not unmounted correctly. The repair under Windows helped.


There is a limit to the number of files that can be created in a partition, and in a directory. I found the following information from here. FAT32: Maximum number of files: 268,173,300 Maximum number of files per directory: 216 - 1 (65,535) Maximum file size: 2 GiB - 1 without LFS, 4 GiB - 1 with NTFS: ...

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