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TBO can do this, although it hasn't been updated in awhile. It isn't available from the official Ubuntu repositories but can be installed from GetDeb


You can only turn montage shadow on or off (it doesn't accept color, fuzziness & offset). Mogrify supports more shadow options, though... (Thanks don_crissti)


Depending on what you mean by resizing only the "length", try one of mogrify -resize 50%x100% * mogrify -resize 100%x50% *


I think you want to be very careful about using file in a circumstance where you give it completely untrusted input. For instance, RHEL 5 file will identify this: GIF87a <?php echo "Hello from PHP!\n"; ?> As "GIF image data, version 87a, 15370 x 28735". The PHP interpreter has no trouble executing that input. That lack of trouble is the basis for ...


The file command will probably do what you want: file "$FILE" |grep -q -e image -e bitmap This silently returns true (0) when the file's magic indicates it is an image. (The second grep query for bitmap is needed if you want to recognize Windows BMP files.) See also the identify command, which is a part of the imagemagick package. identify can give you ...

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