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w3m's imgdisplay library is able to display images directly. It only works on some terminal emulators such as Xterm and URxvt. ranger is a file browser that makes use of the library to display previews. Add this to ranger's configuration file to enable the feature: set preview_images true


If you happen to have installed imagemagick, you can use its very handy display command-line tool. display path/to/picture.png


You could use the utility program pdfnup from the pdfjam suite. pdfnup in.pdf --nup 3x3 should output the file in-nup.pdf with the pages of in.pdf arranged in a series of pages with a 3x3 matrix from the origin pdf. You should merge all of you pdf files in an only one, also you must want to specify a paper size for the output file, see the pdfjam docs ...


I just found out that ffmpeg will do the trick! ffmpeg -i file.mp3 file.jpg


Of course you can use montage from the Imagemagick suite of utilities. The image has a 3:4 aspect ratio; preserve that in the geometry setting to avoid cropping related issues and borders. It's just about repeating that file name as input in the command, and basic arithmetic. Maybe there was something in the manual, but otherwise, assuming the 4x4 "tiles" ...

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