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With zsh higher() { local h h=$(identify -format %h - < $REPLY) && ((h > $1)) } mogrify -resize 'x1900>' ./*.jpg(.e:higher 1900:)


Here is shell code (bash, ksh, or zsh) that may do what you want: image=clock.jpg size=$( identify -ping -format "%wx%h" "${image}" ) x_upb=${size%x*} y_upb=${size#*x} x_inc=10 y_inc=10 x_tile=100 y_tile=100 for ((x=0; x<x_upb; x+=x_inc)) do for ((y=0; y<y_upb; y+=y_inc)) do convert "${image}" -crop "${x_tile}x${y_tile}+${x}+${y}" ...

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