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If anyone want to hack on this some more, here are a messy though perhaps some hints or helps that catch interest. The procedure requests max height and width from file names to generate labels that fits. One feature missing is the vertical centering of the text (which, TBH, looks better.) To get width + height for a text (as integer) one way is to do: ...


I'm no ImageMagick expert, so there is probably a better way to do this, but you can do this in 2 steps, first adding the text to the left of each image into an intermediate file, then doing the montage. for file in foo*.png do convert "$file" -splice 100x0 -gravity west -annotate +10+0 '%f' /tmp/"$(basename "$file")" done montage -mode concatenate -tile ...


You could use convert from ImageMagick: convert <input_image> -fill '#000' +opaque '#000' <output_image> What it does it changes all the colors not matching #000 to #000.

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