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Here is one way (put it in a file and execute it with any POSIX shell like bash or ksh): cd ~/somefolder/ || exit 1 for f in *.png do case $f in (tn_*) continue ;; (*) convert "${f}" -resize 50%x50% "tn_${f}" ;; esac done With modern shells the case construct could also be replaced by a terser conditional command: cd ~/somefolder/ || exit 1 for f ...


You can only turn montage shadow on or off (it doesn't accept color, fuzziness & offset). Mogrify supports more shadow options, though... (Thanks don_crissti)


For a few 11x17 to 8.5x11 pages it is simple using the Adobe Acrobat Pro tools. Open original file, Set to landscape view. Save file with another name (say something like "Original v2p1.pdf) Select "Advanced" tab Select "Print Production" Select "Crop Pages" Crop half the page from the right or left side. Save file ("Original v2p1.pdf). You now have page ...

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