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It appears that HP-UX does not have anything like FAM/FSEvent/inotify to react to incoming files. This leaves polling as the only solution. Here's a proof-of-concept script that triggers every minute and calls the process program on each new file (put whatever you want in that program) then moves the file to a different directory. Moving the file to a ...


You can use inotify-tools to trigger your script every time a new file arrive. Then, you just have to test whatever you want directly in the script. For the 3 days duration, you can use a crontab.


Solution: Inetd 1) you must log ftp/fptd traffic. in /etc/inetd.conf add following arguments ftpd -l -v -o -i -W where -l log traffic to syslog.log -v add verbosity -i log incomming files (to /var/adm/syslog/xferlog) -o log outgoing files (to /var/adm/syslog/xferlog) -W tell ftpd to use syslog's configuration syslog 2) tell syslogd to catch ftpd's ...

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