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Solution found,must use this instead of export cmake \ -G "Unix Makefiles" \ -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS:STRING="$HPUXCFLAGS" \ -DCMAKE_LD_FLAGS:STRING="$HPUXLDFLAGS" \ -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS:STRING="$HPUXCFLAGS" \ -DZLIB_LIBRARY="/usr/local/lib/hpux32" \ -DZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR="/usr/local/include" \ -Wno-dev \ ...


Since you have not specified how you bought the HP-UX system, but considering their unpopular status right now and you not having on and buying a HP-UX server this time, I am under the impression, you've got from ebay or alike. In which case it did not come with any software support agreement, which you will most likely need. There is a software product ...


It is explained in Practical Unix & Internet Security as a security feature: uucp has to log in to issue commands, and uucico is a limited-functionality shell, with a separate login/password from regular accounts.


With GNU find: find -name \*.extract.sys -size +1000000c -printf %s\\n|jq -s add With GNU stat: find . -name \*.extract.sys -size +1000000c -exec stat -c%s {} +|jq -s add With BSD stat: find . -name \*.extract.sys -size +1000000c -exec stat -f%z {} +|jq -s add

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