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user home is pointed by HOME variable. So - if you want change it - you can change HOME variable in .bashrc, .bash_profile or something. Look: undefine@uml:~$ echo $HOME /home/undefine undefine@uml:~$ export HOME=/tmp undefine@uml:/home/undefine$ cd ~ undefine@uml:~$ pwd /tmp


In your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profilefile, put this at the end of the file: cd /path/to/your/destination Save the file and log out and log back in, you should be in /path/to/your/destination. You could also create an alias on your local account, edit your local ~/.bashrc and add: alias fastlogin='ssh servername -t "cd /path/to/your/destination; exec ...


I am a user of btrfs. In the past I used it for both the root and the home partitions. Now I'm using btrfs for the root and XFS for the home partition (because of openSUSE, as you pointed out). I cannot notice any differences, except one: with XFS, I can't snapshot my home anymore. Btrfs is fairly stable nowadays, however, you should always have backups ...

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