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This could be effected by mistypes. If your TERM=xterm config is anything like mine, then practically every function key on your keyboard will send escape sequences like... infocmp -1 | grep -n \~ | tail -n3 138: kich1=\E[2~, 141: knp=\E[6~, 142: kpp=\E[5~, More than half of the output of infocmp -1 contains ~tilde escapes on my machine - and I'm ...


The $HOME/.ssh directory mode must be 700 and authorized_keys should be readable by the owner only, i.e. mode 600: chmod u=rwx,g=,o= /var/git/.ssh chmod u=rw,g=,o= /var/git/.ssh/authorized_keys As to the private key, it must be read-write-able by the owner only: chmod u=rw,g=,o= /var/git/.ssh/id_?sa


For reasons of paranoia, the .ssh directory and authorized_keys must not be group-writable. I guess the thinking is, the user must be the only one with explicit control over his/her authorization. I believe a work-around for this lies with ACL. The other work around is StrictModes=no setting in sshd's configuration file. But it would be too dangerous to do ...


The problem is the fact that files permissions are too open. Try setting the mode of authorized_keys to 600 and the .ssh directory to 700.

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