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ntfs-3g is fuse-based, I suspect you can't use it to replace such a vital part of a Linux filesystem. Instead you could mount it somewhere in your home and put files you need there.


Here's one: If you try to do git rebase -i --root and you have checked in .gitconfig in the first commit in the repository, git will temporarily remove the .gitconfig file, which in turn will make it unable to finish the rebase operation since it requires your name and your email to do that, which are stored in that file. You may configure them back again ...


When you log in via a normal method (on the console, over SSH, etc.), the program handling the login sets a few environment variables, including HOME. If you get access to a shell not via logging in, but by exploiting a vulnerability in a program, you get that program's environment, which often but not always includes HOME. In bash, for some reason, the cd ...

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