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Each time you start an X windows session, that file gets created and it is deleted when X session exits normally. If startx exits ungracefully - for instance, if the shutdown sequence sends it a kill signal (the script doesn't catch signals) - the file will never be removed. It is safe to remove these files. There are probable solutions but I've never tested ...


You can remove all of them except the newest one. They are created by the startx script. If X does not shut down gracefully, that files is not removed and stays forever (see that bug). You can change the line in the /usr/bin/startx file, to a more handy way: Search for xserverauthfile= in the script and replace the line with: xserverauthfile=$XAUTHORITY


Quoting an answer by esmail at askubuntu, this should work the same on elementary OS too: I'm currently storing the sub-folders of my home (e.g. ~/Documents, ~/Music) on an NTFS filesystem and it appears to be working fine a few months in. As an example, here's how to host your ~/Documents in your Windows profile folders on an NTFS partition: ...


A git-based solution is especially useful if you need to deploy your files to different machines, and even more so if you have parts that are common to all machines, and parts that are specific to some machines. You can make multiple repositories and use a tool like multigit or vcsh to clone them over the same directory (your home dir in this case).

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