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Firefox profiles are not designed for simultaneous access from many Firefox instances. Be sure to only run Firefox once for every user with home folder published on the network. Actually Firefox usually warns about profile being in use, but it depends on Nfs settings. Another option is to make Firefox use local profile storage.


Do you have access to the old machine? If yes, you can export all of bookmarks as json file and import them. Even you can install import/export cookie extension on old machine to export your all cookies. But new machine: It has 2 states : You need to new data on new machine. You don't need data on new machine If you're in second state, you can: rm ...


Here is the solution from the link I posted in my comment. This comes from here, which references this superuser post. Create .ssh folder in /home for the keys to be stored sudo mkdir /home/.ssh Move existing authorized_keys file into .ssh dir as username sudo mv ~/.ssh/authorized_keys /home/.ssh/username Create symbolic link to authorized_keys file ...


There is no need to have a separate home partition at all. The only problem with this configuration, is that if you ever need to reinstall from scratch, then you will need to backup your /home, as the root partition is usually formated again on new install. If you have your /home separated, you can safely reinstall keeping your data.


It is not the system that looks for these files, but bash, csh and tcsh when they are your login shell. If these accounts need these files (not for FTP but for interactive sessions) what you can try to do is update /etc/bash.bashrc with a test: if [[ "$HOME" == /var/www/vhosts/* ]]; then ALTHOME=/home/plesk . $ALTHOME/.bashrc . ...


This is how I do it: install a clean linux (not necessary, but makes life more pleasant in step 4) install etckeeper run git init in your home create .gitignore and add everything that looks like it doesn't interest you or that might change a lot. Be sure to add things like *.cache, *.lock etc. I don't recommend adding /* because you won't be notified ...

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