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/dev/null is used by countless scripts, such a bug would have become apparent immediately after a kernel with that bug had booted. Perhaps it did once happen but I expect it was fixed the same day. I've been using Unix since 1983 (and Linux since 1992) and I've never heard of this.


Indeed, the original purpose of a signal was to kill the target process. kill appeared in Unix 3rd Edition; at the time, it was reserved to root and the process was forcibly killed (like SIGKILL today) and left a core dump. Unix 4th edition added a signal number argument, as well as the companion signal system call to set a signal handler. At the time, all ...


To define "powerful" commands, one must first decide what this means. The first requirement is universality. Some tools are very dedicated to one thing, yet can solve a very wide array of problems. gnuplot is a very basic plotting tool that is so good that even in scientific circles, you barely need anything else. And a single tool that can process regular ...


One way to classify some 'old' commands - though not for 'more powerful' - is that they are builtin commands, meaning a command or a function, called from a shell, that is executed directly in the shell itself, instead of an external executable program which the shell would load and execute. Examples include logout, cd, echo and history. You can see if a ...

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