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From Red Hat Magazine: Introducing NetworkManager : Words with the creator NetworkManager creator and developer Dan Williams took time out of his hectically busy schedule to answer some questions. What's with those StudlyCaps, anyway? Well, coming from a Classic Mac OS background, in which everything was StudlyCaps, it is quite natural for ...


Net/1 was a subset of 4.3BSD, containing just the source code and documentation for its networking components. It was not a full operating system. It did not contain any AT&T source code and thus did not require a license from AT&T. It was useful to parties who had a Unix or non-Unix system without TCP and wanted to port TCP to it, or who were ...


GNU is acronym of GNU's Not UNIX. GNU created to make Unix-compatible system without any use of Unix code, not ideas and command names.


As far as I can tell, the use of -- as end-of-options-marker starts with sh and getopt in System III Unix (1980). According to this history of the Bourne Shell family, the Bourne Shell first appeared in Version 7 Unix (1979). But it didn't have a way for set to separate options from arguments. So the original Bourne shell could do: set -e - turn on ...

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