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Thanks to @EightBitTony, a simple pkill -e -HUP gvfsd-fuse did the trick. The phantom mount has now disappeared from Thunar. Consequently, gvfsd-fuse was smart enough to respawn: $ pgrep -lf gvfsd-fuse 2786 /usr/lib/gvfs//gvfsd-fuse -f /run/user/1000/gvfs


I found the problem. A package was missing gvfs-backends and some commands was useless. To resume, the steps are : Install necessary packages: apt-get install dbus-x11 gvfs-bin gvfs-fuse gvfs-backends Create .gvfs folder if it does not exist mkdir $HOME/.gvfs Start a dbus session and store DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to be able to re-use it dbus-launch ...


None of this worked for me until I edited the following file and removed the SchemeAlias line: /usr/share/gvfs/mounts/sftp.mount [Mount] Type=sftp Exec=/usr/lib/gvfs/gvfsd-sftp AutoMount=false Scheme=sftp # SchemeAliases=ssh DefaultPort=22 HostnameIsInetAddress=true

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