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Elementary OS is Ubuntu based so this how-to should work (check the Recovering from a LiveCD section.)


If you can use any JetBrains IDE (https://www.jetbrains.com/), I recommend you to do so. They have a pretty nice built-in GUI for git (and also other VCS)... maybe not so packed with features as other software mentioned here, but it does it job. Also, qgit works for me. The only issue I encountered was when I tried to switch to a dark (white-on-black) GTK ...


The problem is not occurring because of the UID of the user. 500 is just fine as a UID, and that UID doesn't make it a 'non-login' user except in the eyes of the default settings of some few display managers. The error message No protocol specified sounds like an application-specific error message, and an unhelpful one at that, but I am going to guess that ...


So I figured out the problem was with the oxygen-gtk widget style To change this setting, go to: [System Settings > Application Appearance > Gtk+ Appearance] From this window you can change the widget style to another style, such as "Adwaita". If you cannot see the "GTK+ Appearance" menu option you may have to get the GTK libraries.


Short answer: no it can't. There's no guarantee you will have a graphical environment available anywhere to open a browser in - you could be on a system with only a WYSE-60 terminal as console and no network connection. Moreover, if there are errors in the installation, it should not have completed. That's part of what packaging is designed to take care of. ...


You can try getting info with xset: xset q | grep Caps Result: 00: Caps Lock: off 01: Num Lock: on 02: Scroll Lock: off But if no X you can try kbdinfo: kbdinfo gkbled Result: scrolllock:off numlock:on capslock:off Edit: If you want to change states with xset you may check following answer. Or you can change state using xdotool: ...

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