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You need to R click on your script, go to Permissions and then mark the checkbox "Allow executing file as a program".


The main two basic gui clients I rely on are gitg for Ubuntu and gitx for OSX gitg shown below: gitg: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/gitg/ gitx: http://frim.frim.nl/GitXStable.app.zip


The GIT project maintains a page with all the GUIs available for all platforms both free and commercial. I'd list them all here but it's a pretty extensive list with screenshots and descriptions. GUI Clients GIT also comes, typically with 2 GUIs. You can run them as follows: $ git gui ...


Cpanel is a GUI interface for LAMP stack, but its paid. Webmin, ISPConfig, Zpanel is a good alternative for it (free version). All you need to do is to configure them according to your needs. They have modules to provide you GUI interface for easy access. But as in case of Cpanel too all basic configuration needs to be done through commandline first and ...

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