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If there's really no ability to shift click as @terdon suggests, try checking /home/USER/.cache/modem-manager-gui for the messages (replace USER with your home directory obviously). Then just rm *.ext from within that directory (replacing ext with the relevant extension).


On a GNU system, the program you're looking for is man. BROWSER=firefox man --html man Try that command (or substitute some other valid value for BROWSER=, such as, for example, cat with a redirect if you wish to save the result) and see what you get. If you want it to be the default configuration, you'll find instructions for configuring man to your ...


I have no idea why you would want to do this, it seems far simpler to just keep a terminal window open, but you can create HTML versions of all your manuals like this (assuming the names of the directories where your manuals are stored contain no whitespace): Install man2html sudo apt-get install man2html Create the directory where you will keep the HTML ...


There is xman, a graphical utility for displaying manpages. I don't know anyone who has ever used it though. It was old an archaic already 20 years ago. For your stated use case of having manual pages displayed all the time, you'd probably be better off just opening a new terminal window and typing man something than by using xman.


You can use man2html(this is how the package is usually called), an example. man 1 man | man2html > man.html And then use firefox, elinks or whatever browser you want to view it. There are also some services that keep manpages such as http://manpages.ubuntu.com/


The problem is solved, we had changed the extension of sshd.config to sshd.config.txt. This did not have an effect until I did the unload/load command. This is why I blamed the unload/uload function. Changed the name back to normal, restarted the ssh service and now it works.


You should try looking in the logs of sshd, somehow you've come with invalid SSHD configuration, here is some guide on it: http://linux.die.net/man/5/sshd_config look where sshd is logging stuff and look there for potential issue why it is not running for you. This "ssh: connect to host macpro-c10c8b.imt.liu.se port 22: Connection refused" should guide you ...

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