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Looks like you need to turn use_vte_titles off (set to false) in the gconf schema for guake. Otherwise you can hack custom strings or behaviour in by changing the on_terminal_title_changed function or code higher up the call stack, since it is not called consistently. It can be found in the main guake file.


It's not a problem of Guake, it is how your terminal title is setup. The new version of Guake respects terminal title from the shell. I bet that you are also getting same long title in Gnome Terminal. Check how to configure terminal title from your shell: http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Xterm-Title.html


I don't think tmux can do that. It should be easy to patch if you know C programming. One thing you could do is call tmux from a wrapper shell script, and let the script decide whether to exit or not. Send a signal to the wrapper to tell it to execute an interactive shell when tmux exits. Here's an untested proof-of-concept for the wrapper script: export ...


Or edit like this: $ vim `which guake` find the 1000 line and change this: self.tabs.get_children()[page].set_label(vte.get_window_title()) on this: if self.tabs.get_children()[page].get_label().find('!') != 0: self.tabs.get_children()[page].set_label(vte.get_window_title()) else: return And now you can rename your tabs ...


This is a bit of a hack but you could add this to your interactive shell configuration: alias tmuxn='tmux new-session -s $$' _trap_exit() { tmux kill-session -t $$; } trap _trap_exit EXIT Then you can use tmuxn to start a new session. The session will be named as your shell's PID. When your shell exits, the session will be killed.


Maybe you can not. For most people who use tmux, they usually close the terminal window instead of the tmux window in order to keep the process (ssh-client for example) running. And then, you can attach the origin tmux session in another terminal. If you do not need this feature, you can use terminator instead of tmux. Terminator splits the terminal window ...


Following up on Alexandar's reply: The following two questions show how to configure a "very short" prompt shortener, which will be also respected by Guake: http://stackoverflow.com/q/3497885/946850 Abbreviated current directory in shell prompt? I use a "not so short" shortener for myself, my .bashrc contains the following: # If this is an xterm set the ...

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