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As Joseph R. mentioned, there's the old classic gnuplot, plus a host of more modern offerings that can create all sorts of graphs in various formats, both vector-based and bitmapped. But such programs tend to be so versatile that it takes quite a while to learn how to use them properly, which can be a little daunting when all you want is to quickly plot a ...


You could write a small script. Something like this: #!/usr/bin/ruby require 'rvg/rvg' require 'scanf' include Magick RVG::dpi = 72 rvg = RVG.new(2.5.in, 2.5.in).viewbox(0,0,300,300) do |canvas| canvas.styles(:stroke=>'black', :stroke_width=>4) oldx=oldy=nil ARGF.map{|line| line.scanf("%f %f")}.each do | x,y | ...

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