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use ~/.screenrc on the server. example: split screen -t top top focus screen -t shell where: split — splits current window/region horizontally focus — switch to next region screen -t name [command] — set name for current window/region and run command


tput tells you what the terminal advertises as its function keys. Terminals often don't advertise all the function keys and keychords that they support. To see what escape sequences the terminal actually sends, use the Ctrl+V method mentioned in that same answer: press Ctrl+V in a terminal application that doesn't rebind the Ctrl+V key (such as the shell). ...


Your screen session is probably hung waiting for the pseudo-terminal of the shell that you last attached to the screen with. Sometimes a lost connection leaves that shell around and screen has to timeout in order to detach from it. If you run ls -l /proc/<screen_pid>/fd/<descriptor_of_hung_write>, you should see that it is the pts of for the ...

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