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how Gnome support KDE applications? I don't know if it "supports" them in an active way, but there's probably no reason you can't use them inside GNOME anyway. Many of them should not require KDE to be the running desktop environment, and GNOME won't care. How shall I install an KDE application properly in Gnome? With apt, or whatever package ...


Well, first off, the rumor is false. GNOME is not being discontinued. A charity known as the GNOME Foundation is out of liquidity (cash). They're requesting donations, of course. They appear to believe they have sufficient accounts receivable such that this will be a temporary situation. But GNOME development is done largely, if not entirely, outside the ...


Your problem is actually really easy to solve, although I can't blame you for not finding the solution - it isn't very clearly mentioned on the wiki. The problem is that even if you've installed NetworkManager, the daemon does not run by default. To fix this: sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service

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