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The screenshot recipe you are asking about uses the gnome-utils package. However, as you can check, the last Debian release that included that package was squeeze. Since the functionality you describe uses gnome-utils, and since that package is no longer in Debian, it is not surprising the method does not work. Additionally you can check the info tab of ...


I would suggest installing the application shutter for taking screenshots. Should be in the repos for Debian. The main site for the app is here: http://shutter-project.org/.      It allows you to configure the PrtScr button so that it captures the screen within Shutter, rather than use GNOME's method for capturing. It also allows you to ...


Not sure where to start here. Gnome is a GUI user environment, not an OS. try lsb_release -a to see what version of Linux you're running. /dev/sda is the raid set and does not correspond to either physical disk. You do not have a master/slave relationship in raid 1 so saying "mirrored drive" and "normal drive" are meaningless. You can check what kind of ...


You can use fc-match to see which fonts match that pattern: # fc-match "Monospace" DejaVuSansMono.ttf: "DejaVu Sans Mono" "Book" To see the whole priority list matching that pattern, use: fc-match --sort "Monospace" Reference: man fc-match fc-match matches pattern (empty pattern by default) using the normal fontconfig matching rules ...


Press Ctl and while holding it down, press L. To return to the original breadcrumb view, make sure that the editable text area has the focus then press the Esc key.


killall may be you friend here. You can kill all processes by name, there are also options for older-than. e.g. killall -I --older-than=1d nautilus to kill all nautilus older than 1 day.


Okay, so I managed to solve it - maybe it's not the most elegant way but it works and it's good enough. First I wrote a small script: #!/bin/sh i3lock -i ~/Pictures/lock.png Saved it (e.g. .locker) to the HOME address, then I ran "chmod +x .locker" so I could execute it and at the Custom Shortcuts to the Command line I wrote ./.locker Choose an ...

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