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I've had the same problem. My /etc/inputrc was configured correctly, but due to some strange reason I had skeleton configuration in ~/.inputrc which then disabled all the mappings in /etc/inputrc. So, my solution was: rm ~/.inputrc Hope, it helps somebody :)


@WestonGanger: This do not work from scripts. I would like to set terminal title once a given compile successfully finished. I tried source ~/.bashrc from the script, tried export -f set-title inside .bashrc, but seems like the script itself starts a new subshell, and has no effect for the terminal title. Here is the "source code" of the script #! ...


Terminal fonts In a terminal you have to use so called monospaces fonts, (where a lower caps i use same width than a upper case w): (Thats monospaced fonts: iiiiiiii WWWWWWWW Thats normal fonts: iiiiiiii WWWWWWWW ) This is because all tables and output formating is done by character positionning. So maybe your ouput could be prompted by ...

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