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Well there are processess running in your terminal from before you became root -- sudo (or su) and two bash (one for root, one for your normal user)... as well as any background-jobs (started with & or put in the background) in either shell. It's a fair warning, and it's good if you're about to accidently close a terminal. If you exit root first (which ...


You can change the default colors of your terminal emulator, whether it is dtterm, gnome-terminal or even xterm (reverse-video), using its configuration menu. Solaris 10 standard System V vi doesn't support syntax coloring. You need to install and use vim or elvis to get it.


I don't know if you're still running into this issue, but I found my problem was I was running /bin/zsh as a custom command in my terminal profile. Disabling that fixed the issue for me - and still kept zsh as my primary shell.

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