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For some apps (e.g. file-roller) this can be fixed by changing the StartupNotify key value from true to false in their respective .desktop files (e.g. /usr/share/applications/file-roller.desktop). The above doesn't work for all apps (e.g. nautilus) so another way to fix the problem would be a custom shell extension; just to give you an idea, you could ...


Create a full system backup using Clonezilla or similar. If you have enough storage you could clone your current distro and any others you test to (for example) a removable hard drive and restore whichever one you prefer.


this issue has appeared in other forums on different versions of Ubuntu and people using gnome. the easiest way to fix the issue is make sure that you have Compiz Config Settings Manager installed. sometimes the install never is done right and the manager has to be re installed. to install it search for compizconfig-settings-manager in Software Center and ...


Probably here is the answer you are looking for: If you are using GNOME 3.4 or newer and installation still doesn't work, check to make sure that the "GNOME Shell Integration" plugin is installed and enabled in your browser preferences. Some browsers have a feature, click-to-play, which make it so the plugin cannot start without user ...

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