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This is not a solution but I know where the problem comes from. Gnome Shell uses the WM_CLASS property to associate apps to their ".desktop" files. Reference IPython Qtconsole's WM_CLASS value is empty and that is why you do not see any title up there. I reported an upstream bug. You could create a .desktop file without a name that would temporarily fix ...


This AUR package solves the problem. It patches gnome-settings-daemon to prefer raw type backlight devices to platform ones.


Additionally to using gsettings and instead of using the deprecated gconf-editor, you can install the newer dconf-editor and find and change relevant keys there. Searching "resize with" will find its key regardless of used WM.


You could probably just shortcut: xbacklight -dec 10 & xbacklight -inc 10 to whatever keys you want. I do this in Fluxbox like so: echo "232 :Exec xbacklight -dec 10" >> ~/.fluxbox/keys echo "233 :Exec xbacklight -inc 10" >> ~/.fluxbox/keys


This has never happened to me but this is more a "menu" issue than an application one. As a starting point I suggest you navigate to the file ~/.config/menus/gnome-application.menu See if its listed there and if there are any issues with the listing. There is also an app called "menulibre" which allows you to add/modify icon names. It available in the ...

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