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As @muru stated above your best bet is to install "gnome-tweak-tool" which comes with a lot of options for "tweaking" tweaking your gnome desktop. Once that is installed you can then visit Gnome Shell Extensions and install extensions to add even more tweaking power to gnome.


Assuming you have to permissions to (or can convince your SysAdmin), I suggest looking into tmux which is a terminal multiplexer. Tmux allows you to do everything you are talking about and more. You can have it manage all your windows and just detach your session when done. Picking up were you left off is as easy as reattaching to your detached session (one ...


How to enable screen locking in Gnome Shell (3.14) using xscreensaver (on Debian): (Note: Although the gnome-screensaver package currently exists on Debian sid, it does not seem to be usable) Install the xscreensaver package (and optionally xscreensaver-data and xscreensaver-data-extra) Run xscreensaver to configure the screensaver how you want it. Be ...


Be sure the Icon=/opt/eclipse-4.2.1/icon.xpm line in the .desktop file points to the right file. That was the problem in my case.

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