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The cat command results must be expanded using command substitution. The syntax for bash is: curl -u "user:pass" --data '{"title":"test-key","key":"'"$(cat ~/.ssh/"'"}' You can also use a classic backtick notation: curl -u "user:pass" --data '{"title":"test-key","key":"'`cat ~/.ssh/`'"}' https://api....


checkout the remote stable branch git fetch <remote> <branch> Your local repo will now have a read only copy of the remote tracking branch, now check out to the read only tracking branch git checkout origin/<branch_name> Your VCS (whatever you are using) will start show messages like: HEAD is in a detached state Previous HEAD ...


There is no hard and fast answer to this, the best advice I could give is to try and see what works. The readme suggests that for your tablet, you'll need the first two patches, so apply and test those. Add the third if your kernel version is earlier then 4.3.

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