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I just synced my potrage tree and ncurses got updated. After this sync I added =sys-devel/llvm-3.5.0 -ncurses to my packages.use since on my system llvm pulled the problematic version on ncurses in slot 5. This solved the blocks in my case. I think I can live without ncurses in llvm for now...


The solution was to just add as a DNS server on the host and to add the following lines to /etc/dnsmasq.conf: address=/host.local/ address=/host.local/<ipv6 address>


Gems are usually not installed through portage. To install a Ruby gem, make sure rubygems is merged and then run gem20 install <gem> or gem21 install <gem> depending on your system. Edit: since emerge --search mysql-minimal returns nothing, you know it isn't in the portage tree and can't be installed with emerge. Running gem search mysql2 shows ...


env/* files are parsed with python, not bash, thus the error message. AFAIK, the only place to put bash code is portage/bashrc, but do NOT try to override built-in functions like src_configure, etc.. Hooks on phases needs to be setup via checking $EBUILD_PHASE var. And to give your hooks some structure you may try your luck with bashrc-mv.

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