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~ is your home directory, usually /home/username. A file or folder name starting with a . is the Linux version of a hidden file/folder. So ~/.config is a hidden folder within your home directory. Open up your file browser to your home folder, then find the option to show hidden files and folders. If you don't see .config, you'll have to create it. Then ...


Menu Search->Replace (or Ctrl+h). Fill in find and replace boxes, expand Replace All, click In Session Step-by-step: Select "Replace" from Search menu. Expand "Replace All" Click "In Session"


It brought in those many dependencies because you're upgrading to Testing. This can be seen from the many GTK 3.0-related packages which are brought by GNOME 3, and due to the fact that kernel 2.6 (linux-headers-2.6.32-5-686) is being removed (because testing uses a more recent kernel). If you want a more recent Geany on your stable Debian, I'd look for ...


While not an answer specific to Geany, could you do this instead using sed at the command line? This will recursively replace "foo" with "bar" in a directory. find . -type f | xargs -i sed -i -e "s/foo/bar/g" "{}"


Some xkb mappings have the non-breaking space assigned to a combination of key (for instance AltGr-Space or AltGr-Shift-Space). Some compose database also have a mapping (Compose space space for instance). You may be hitting one of those involuntarily.


Indeed, Geany is having an option to insert an alternative space. You can find the option inside the "Insert" menu and/or you can set a keybidng for it (inside the insert section of keybedings). In default there should be no keybinding set for.

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