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I see from this link that it is in wheezy-backports and sid, but not jessie, as you say. The version in sid appears to be quite a bit higher than I remember a couple of weeks ago. Most packages move to jessie automatically after 5 days, I think, so you could either wait for a bit or install from sid. The old version could have been removed from Jessie due to ...


I have the same problem, I suppose we don't have nvidia legacy support in jessie. The packages disappeared after a recent upgrade.


Problem was in fact in /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml. Following some tutorial I had inserted the line <volume user="*" mountpoint="/home" path="/dev/disk/by-uuid/d79121a7-5fbd-4484-81d2-6cbdf1b95b5e" fstype="crypt" options="fsck" /> My understanding was that user="*" was a regexp-like notation standing for “any user”. Turns out there is no such ...


To gracefully shutdown your desktop, you may need to raise the TimeoutStopSec= for GDM, or whatever other display manager you are using.

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