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Answer in 2 words: The location of Xserver for GDM is hard-coded at compile time in configure.ac, line 1199 in X_SERVER variable and can't be configured. So, may be you could play with symlinks, linking /usr/bin/Xorg (or, less probably /usr/bin/X, see this) to your build of Xserver. Details: I have a Debian 7, too and here's my process tree: ...


This appears to be issues with gnome-shell at various times across multiple distros (Red Hat for example). Your best bet would be to browse and file a bug in Debian BTS, including relevant output from strace, top, etc. Note that Debian 6 is still the Stable release and Debian 7 is Testing. Your help reporting and tracking the issue in BTS will help make the ...


It looks like you haven't changed your default runlevel and X Server is already running. You should have set it to 3, i.e.: id:3:initdefault: Although I don't think your script is going to work anyway. This part: cd /home/user1/Documents/ProgramFile ./ myProgram.sh is going to be executed only after X Server stopped.


when removing the package, some cleanup scripts are run. it seems like one of these fails (namely /etc/init.d/gdm3), rendering the un-installation incomplete. the proper way to fix this, is by checking why the script fails. try running /etc/init.d/gdm3 stop manually, and see why it fails. fix the underlying error, then try to uninstall again. an ugly ...

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