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If you know the package name you could do something like dpkg -l vsftpd to see what the package is about. If you don't have any idea about package name On debian or debian based systems you may do dpkg -l | grep ftp # grab everthing that contain ftp And with the results, you may do dpkg -p result On Redhat or Redhat based systems like Fedora , ...


No, in general this isn't possible. A FTP server usually has commands to get information about files and directories and to store, retrieve, delete and rename files. Commands to mount devices and to send messages to users are also standardized but not implemented in current servers. See the list of FTP commands on Wikipedia for details. No RFC mentions a ...


TL;TR: FTP is a broken protocol and FTPS more so. Due to a combination of protocol design and encryption it plays very bad together with firewalls. Try to use SFTP (i.e. file transfer over SSH protocol) instead. FTP consists of a control connection (usually port 21) and the data connections. Which ports are used by the data connections are dynamically ...


ftp is installed, otherwise you would get some "command not found error" what is not installed, or not configured is the FTP server (probably ftpd)

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