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you can use mput * instead of put to upload all of the files in the directory. Further you can screen files, for example: mput *.jpg will transfer all and only jpg files.


There are several modes with SSL and FTP: Implicit SSL, that is SSL from start (usually port 990) and never plain text. In this case you get no clear text information at the firewall about the dynamic data ports and thus cannot restrict communication to only these ports. Explicit SSL with "AUTH TLS" command before login to enable SSL but without CCC after ...


I would use SCP instead of FTP. SCP is more secure, and a part of SSH. As long as your public key is in the external hosts authorized_keys-file, then you can just do something like: scp -r kmpy/unica/Campaign/partitions/partition1/CiktiDosyalar/ sms@ Some reason why you chose FTP?

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