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nobootwait worked very well for me in Linux Mint until version 18. I miss it. Using nobootwait could result in writing to your OS drive rather than a mounted drive, but only if you are careless. If you always write to a folder on your mount, then if the mount fails the folder will not exist and the write fails.


I found a solution to systems error kernel not loading Use live cd to gain access to your existing installation. Once in reinstall Linux kernel : pacman -S Linux Then delete the fstab file from etc/fstab : rm /etc/fstab Now reinstall systemd: pacman -S systemd When reinstalling systemd it will automatically generate a new fstab file Now reinstall ...


Found the solution - host key is changed, Need to update it. update the Host key of the IP address sudo ssh-keygen -f "/root/.ssh/known_hosts" -R After this sshfs is working, I am able to mount the complete file system.


In do_mounts.c, the variable saved_root_name is set to the value of the root= command line parameter, if present. This value is a path-like string passed by the kernel, it typically looks like /dev/something (though the /dev/ prefix is optional) but it doesn't actually correspond to any on-disk path. If the root= parameter is absent, the value of ROOT_DEV is ...

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