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async is the opposite of sync, which is rarely used. async is the default, you don't need to specify that explicitely. The option sync means that all changes to the according filesystem are immediately flushed to disk; the respective write operations are being waited for. For mechanical drives that means a huge slow down since the system has to move the ...


Hard drives usually don't have labels, it's filesystems that do. Here are the main places where a filesystem label is likely to come up: In /etc/fstab. In your bootloader configuration (e.g. /boot/grub/grub.cfg). If your Grub configuration is automatically generated, run update-grub after changing your labels and verify that the result is what you wanted. ...


As far as I know, labels aren't that much used in the unix world, so there isn't any danger in changing them. Keep using the UUIDs and you should be fine.

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