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Sorry that this is posted as an 'answer'. I think it is probably more of a comment, but I just don't enough rep to post a comment... :( Anwyay, TurnKey Linux is currently based on Debian (v13.x is based on Debian Wheezy; previous v12.x based on Squeeze; prior to that it was Ubuntu based - v11.x based on Lucid). I have read that editing /etc/default/rcS and ...


What does commit really do? I think one of the best explanations was given here by allquixotic. Are there really advantages of increasing it (like responsiveness and power savings)? May it actually cause data loss? As per the ext4 official documentation: Ext4 can be told to sync all its data and metadata every 'nrsec' seconds. The default ...


Looking through the man pages If you look at the man page for mount.cifs which is what will be used to mount any shares listed in /etc/fstab there is a note that mentions noexec. excerpt - mount.cifs man page This command may be used only by root, unless installed setuid, in which case the noeexec and nosuid mount flags are enabled. When installed ...


Found a working way! Here is my line in fstab: device_uuid /media/Data ntfs-3g defaults,windows_names,locale=en_US.utf8 0 0 Doesn't show it in devices but mounts correctly. Also the mount folder must exist!


You can mount with the rc.local file at boot although that is not the best practice by doing the following in the file, mkdir /mnt/mtfs mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb1 /mnt/ntfs/

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