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I resized the partition to a too small value have corrupted the fs? It's unlikely in your case, especially since you were kind enough to stop that fs(c)killer, but you can't rule out the possibility entirely. For example, corruption happens when it's a logical partition inside the extended partition of a msdos partition table. Logical partitions are ...


I had the same problem with an image file, i. e. without any partition table, so the problem is within the file system itself. I was able to fix it by just doing a resize2fs on the image file.


I stumbled across this recently on the BananaPi myself. It's likely your booting with Systemd so setting: Set FSCKFIX=yes inside /etc/defaults/rcS Won't help you. Also /proc is a virtual filesytem, so changes will disappear between reboots. Setting those kernel options are correct for systemd, but you need to append them to the boot args. In /boot/...

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