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This is not possible because this is not even d&d. Dragging a tab from one browser does not mean that anything is put into the lipboard of the system (which is the central point of dragging and dropping between different applications). So one has to define a protocol involving the clippboard for such a use case. Also all participating programs have to ...


The command file -i <filename> might be useful for the cases when one does not know the specific mime type of a particular file. Once established it may be used as an input to xdg-mime utility to set the default open command. dev-perl/File-MimeInfo ebuild constains mimeopen utility. It is a wrapper around the mentioned above commands.


You are looking for the desktop-file-validate tool provided by the desktop-files-utils package in your distribution. It check for syntax, using reserved words/characters, in summary, that it complies with the Desktop Entry specification. Here's a example of a bad .desktop file: ➜ ~ desktop-file-validate asdf.desktop asdf.desktop: error: value "cd ...

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