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You can add in your /etc/rc.conf: cloned_interfaces="lo1" ifconfig_lo1="inet a.b.c.d/netmask" where a.b.c.d is the ip address.


Rather than using Match, if you wish to allow logging in from a single host, the following works for me (in sshd_config): AllowUsers *@ It only allows users logging in from, using any login on the target. You can replace * with a specific login if you wish, and specify multiple patterns separated by spaces; so for example: ...


Current is the latest "beta" software. This is what the developers are working on mainly. It has minimal testing, basically if it compiles they'll push it into the repository. If you're interested in developing or testing development version this is what you're looking for. Release is the software as it first appeared under a certain release version. ...


In order to get graphical user environment, you should first install x server. Here you can find some information: The X Window System Then you can install GNOME, KDE, xfce, etc. See Desktop Environments


You may try some values with xset r rate. This command will enable auto-repeat, but you can follow it by 2 numbers. The first one is the number of ms before auto-repeat starts, the second is the number of repeats by seconds. For example: xset r rate 300 20 The auto-repeat will start after 300 ms, then will repeat 20 times/second.

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