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Changing Xft.dpi from 96 to 100 solved the problem for me. Now the letters have the same shape as in Ubuntu.


I don't have enough rep to comment on user unknowns, so here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_escape_code (note: a lot of them usually don't work, but most of these are marked thus.) I'm making a game in the terminal and have been relying heavily on the above link. It even tells you how to hide/unhide the cursor, make color (30's), "bold" (lighter), ...


Ctrl+Shift++ - use the plus symbol on the text keypad not on the numeric pad.


Ultimately gnome-terminal uses fontconfig to (among other things): ...efficiently and quickly find the fonts you need among the set of fonts you have installed, even if you have installed thousands of fonts... In the API documentation you can find functions to query fonts character ranges and for operations on character ranges, but the documentation is ...


I found it - the "Default font" combo is (mis)placed in the "Widget" tab. I really don't understand why they didn't put it in the "Font" tab.


This worked for me on Debian Jessie: sudo aptitude remove fonts-texgyre The behavior comes from the TexGyre fonts being substituted for Times and Helvetica when they appear in the pdf. I ended up installing it as one of the recommended packages of TexLive, so hopefully removing it won't break anything. This answer was paraphrased from this Ubuntu bug ...

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