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As per this response, encoding property is considered old. One may use lang: fc-match Terminus:lang=ru or file properties: fc-match Terminus:file=/usr/share/fonts/misc/ter-x20n.pcf.gz


I'm actually trying to solve this very same problem. I worked it out by reading through this thread email exchange that took place some time ago. visit here. I still need to try this out . I'll report back if I get it to work. Edit: I was able to create the PSF font but have not tried to use it as a TTY font. I believe that was the implication of the ...


I use character maps heavily and decides to make one which you access from anywhere using a web interface and requires no installation. Features Select your own font file Provides font and character information Character copy-able Supports TTF/OTF Supports Icon fonts Smooth interface No installation necessary No server upload necessary Screenshot


@Spack's answer didn't work for my raspberry-pi, but I found a set of instructions that did work for me here To sum it up sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup #select "UTF-8" #select "Guess optimal character set" #select "Terminus" #select 16*32 (my selection for a 7 inch monitor on raspberry pi)

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