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The biggest concern is probably memory wear which causes flash memory to have much fewer writes than magnetic media before failing. Of course, standard hard drives fail also, so just ensure that you have backups suitable to the needs of whatever you are doing with the machine.


A couple of ways: If you can get SMART data from an SD cart with smartctl, it may have a bytes written counter (no idea if this is possible). This will be the most accurate, as it will count all partitions and also not be lost over reboot. It may also be able to count any write-amplification caused by erase block size and/or wear-leveling. Depending on the ...


Yes you're correct about the middle values. Those are the data values and their ASCII representations are printed to the far most right. The addresses are in hex as well so you're seeing 16 values per row, 0000000c to 0000001c, for example. There is also a base command (type help base) which specifies what the base addresses is for the relative addresses ...

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