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A firewall does not exist in a single place in the kernel network stack. In Linux, for instance, the underlying infrastructure to support firewall functionality is provided by the netfilter packet filter framework. The netfilter framework in itself is nothing more than a set of hooks at various points in the kernel protocol stack. Netfilter provides five ...


"Is there anything else I have to configure?" Your router, perhaps. You really have not provided enough information to provide a definitive answer, all you've done is point out is not because of iptables...perhaps. Iptables rules are processed in order. If that was the last rule appended (-A) and is last in the list when you look at iptables -L, then ...


You can use libkeepalive to preload a libkeepalive.so that will intercept socket() calls and automatically call setsockopt() with your preferred keepalive settings on the socket before returning it. This does not require you to recompile the application (in this case MySQL), it's completely transparent. Also see the TCP Keepalive HOWTO.

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