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This may be better suited to the vi/vim stack over at vi.stackexchange.com Note that the :silent tag negates hitting enter, so that has to be added after the set of commands to make it run in the command line. I had quite a bit of luck with the following. :nnoremap <F5> :exe ':silent !firefox % 2>/dev/null &'^M^L Please note that you have ...


Others have provided great detail. I would just like to add to the discussion that you can search through your cookies (and optionally remove them) by going into "Open Menu">Preferences>Privacy>"remove individual cookies" link. For all intensive purposes, using the sqlite method provided to browse through the cookies database is of course far superior, as ...


I just tried this and it works for me (where my card is card 0): defaults.pcm.card 0 defaults.ctl.card 0 defaults.ctl.card 0 just add that to the top of your .asoundrc and restart firefox. The rest of the file does not actually need to be empty.

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