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Could you tell the error, that you get after execution, because the script is working for me. There is the same question here, answered using php and perl: Output URL of open firefox tabs in terminal Since the main part in python, here is a purely python script, to do the same thing, try it as well: #!/usr/bin/python import json f = ...


This is an odd question, but a good one. The truth is that you need to define light weight. There are embedded Linux systems that run in as little as 8 Megs of ram (probably less, but this is the smallest I have done). Of course those don't have a GUI or firefox. From what I find the best your going to get in Firefox is about 100-150 megs of ram. Xorg, if ...


The short answer is no: once an application has allocated memory, and used it, it "belongs" to that application, and unless that application releases it nothing else can reclaim it. (This isn't as simple as a call to free() though since that just returns memory to the individual application's pool, not to the system.) Swap is supposed to help with this: ...


My solution requires that firefox is already running, if not, start it with firefox &. Then this script will open up the pages in tabs #!/bin/sh for i in dir*; do firefox $i done I am using firefox 38.4.0

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