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Let me explain. When you choose "Open with" as opposed to "Download to" in the dialog, the file is still downloaded, at which point Firefox opens the downloaded file with the application. However, the assumption is that you did not want to keep the file, so it this file is deleted when firefox exits. If you had wanted to keep it you should be chosen ...


Your .asoundrc disables all software mixing. If you want to output everything at 96 kHz, replace it with something like this: defaults.pcm.dmix.rate 96000


Firefox bookmarks are stored in the places.sqlite database in your profile folder. It looks like they're split across the moz_bookmarks and moz_places tables. You'd have to write a script to join the data and write it to HTML. My Windows Firefox 30 install has a bookmarkbackups directory in my profile. It has bookmarks in JSON format


Try doing this: $ export DISPLAY= Then run Firefox again. Also be sure to run xhost + on the host so that it's able to accept X applications being "sent" to it from other servers. This method is considered poor from a security stand point but is perfectly fine to use to confirm things are working properly. With that working, spend a ...


Google has taken over maintenance of the Flash player on Linux and the Google Chrome browser is the only browser that can use this version (even the fully open sourced Chromium browser does not, though I suppose it may be possible to add it as a plugin). Other browsers can still use the Flash player plugin supplied by Adobe. I've read many times that Adobe ...


According to ArchWiki, you can run this to disable crash dump journaling: # ln -s /dev/null /etc/sysctl.d/50-coredump.conf # sysctl kernel.core_pattern=core

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