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To answer this question properly, we'd ideally need a better example - some valid xml is a good start. Also - an example of desired output. You don't, for example, indicate where you'd want the <C> and <D> elements to end up within your resultant XML. They're already children of <B> - do you want to preserve B or reparent C and D to the ...


The xmlstarlet tool will do this: xmlstarlet sel -t -m /A -o ID, -v id -n -o C, -v //C -n -o D, -v //D -n test.xml For each A under the root element (-m /A), it prints the string "ID," (-o ID,), the contents of id (-v id), a newline (-n), and likewise for children C (-v //C)and D (-v //D) with their respective headers. The double slashes are the XPath ...

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