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There is no need to mix many instruments. Task can be done by sed only sed '/^INFO\|^DEBUG\|^TRACE\|^ERROR/{ /Logger2/{ :1 N /\nINFO\|\nDEBUG\|\nTRACE\|\nERROR/!s/\n// $!t1 D } }' log.entry


Based on one answer at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9605232/merge-two-lines-into-one this seems to fit the bill #!/usr/local/bin/bash PATTERN1='TRACE *'; PATTERN2='DEBUG *'; PATTERN3='INFO *'; PATTERN4='ERROR *'; LINEOUT="" while read line; do case $line in $PATTERN1) echo $LINEOUT LINEOUT="$line" ...


perl filter for multiline log records (record begin mark) Use the following perl script as a working prototype. Usage script_path regular_expression log_files e.g. script_path "line \d" log_file_1 log_file_2 #!/usr/bin/perl $pattern = qr/(?^s)$ARGV[0]/; shift; # process filtering expression # (?^s) - treats matched string as single line my $line = ''; # ...

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