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The problem: Your problem is so trivial, that %F is the filename, and the filename contains spaces, so you're calling the script by this way: normalize.sh my fancy file So $1 becomes my, $2 becomes fancy and $3 becomes file. Now $# becomes 3. Fix 1 (recommended): To fix that. you don't need to check the number of arguments. Then you can use $@ ...


Here is some new information for Thunar, it recently (probably 2015-02) changed: previous location: ~/.gtk-bookmarks current location: ~/.config/gtk-3.0/


sudo gedit /usr/share/contractor/make_executable.contract Add this content and save: [Contractor Entry] Name=Make executable Icon=name.of.icon.wanted Description=Make a file executable MimeType=inode;application/x-sh;application/x-executable; Exec=gksudo chmod +x %U Should do the trick. But it is possible that in elementaryOS a file that was made ...

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