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The best choice, as already posted, is of course rsync. Nevertheless also unison would be a great piece of software to do this job. Both can be used in several operating systems. Rsync rsync synchronizes in one direction from source to destination. Therefore the following statement rsync -avh --progress Source Destination syncs everything from Source ...


Always try to see if there's already a similar discussion before posting the question. With rsync, all exclude (or include) paths beginning with / are are anchored to the root of transfer. The root of transfer in this case is /share. Use relative path, instead of absolute path and it should work. For further reference, rsync exclude directory not working


If you are in Q: cp <filename> ../W If you are in CS: cp Q/<filename> W/<filename> If you are in W: cp ../Q/<filename> <filename> If you are in any other directory within CS that isn't Q or W: cp ../Q/<filename> ../W/<filename>


if you're in the CS directory type (to copy a file from Q to W) cp Q/<filename> W or if you're in the CS directory type (to copy a file from Q to W and change the name while copying it) cp Q/<filename> W/<filename>

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