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If you has access of the ftp of the remote server, we can also use wget to download the files of remote server like below $wget -r --level=9 --no-parent --reject "index.html*" ftp://<USERID>:<PASSWORD>@<MACHINE-NAME>/path/to For more details check the link.


You can use rsync to achieve what you want. rsync -r --delete-during /backup/location/ /production/directory For more on see man rsync


Well there is a command called rm -R that removes a whole directory. So you start your restore with rm -R /production/directory, followed by the restore command.


Another (IMO) easy way would be: # to remote host cat localfile.conf | ssh user@hostname 'cat -> /tmp/file.conf' # from remote host ssh user@hostname 'cat /tmp/remotefile.conf' > /tmp/file.conf Or if you prefer something GUI-like, try Midnight Commander. They call the feature Shell-Link. Most distros have em in their package systems as mc.


Use standard cp with recursive option: cp -r /home/ray/recup_dir.{1..598} "/media/ray/Seagate Expansion Drive/RecupsA" But I have a feeling that you rather want to move them, in such case: mv /home/ray/recup_dir.{1..598} "/media/ray/Seagate Expansion Drive/RecupsA" Both those commands treat only last argument as destination, and all previous ones as ...


The first solution I thought of is rsync. Exclude everything. Include directories matching a pattern. I'll admit that it feels strange to copy information to the same host using rsync. Usually it it used to copy to a remote computer. However I see no reason why you could not just copy to localhost. rsync -ravz --include '/home/ray/recup_dir.*' --exclude ...

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